Recent studies show...

94.1% of Bearded Dragon Owners are Making Common Mistakes,
and Unknowingly Hurting, even Torturing
their Pet Beardies to Death!

Renegade bearded dragon breeder tells it all!

Pet Shop Owners tell their customers that Beardies are very easy to raise, but Guess What? That's only HALF the truth and it's about time that you hear it all!

Take a long look at your Beardie... If it's showing one or more of the following, you might have real issues at hand:

  • Low appetite - doesn't eat much or even not at all
  • Doesn't drink much
  • Looks like it's not fed or too skinny
  • Sleeps hours upon hours
  • Has irregular poop, or different poop textures
  • Is aggressive, territorial and bites
  • Changes colors
  • Has trouble breathing
  • Lazy and refuses to move, or be alert
  • Tries to escape its cage or terrarium
  • Refuses to leave its cage or terrarium
  • Doesn't shed much skin

From the desk of Ryan Cameron

Dear Bearded Dragon Enthusiast,

Did you buy a bearded dragon thinking it would be easier to take care of than a dog or a cat? A "low maintenance" kind of pet?

Not quite...
You have absolutely no idea what you've gotten yourself into, as raising a bearded dragon can be much more difficult than you could ever possibly imagine.

Trust me, I've had more than a few... I know!

I've bred and raised Beardies for years. I've learned the subject deeply and know things inside and out. In fact, I'm an insider to the world of raising Beardies -- an expert in the field. At the end of the day, these majestic reptiles have become a huge part of my life (and a part of my family's as well).

Unfortunately, tons of people buy them just thinking Beardies would be cool additions to their home. And why shouldn't they think so? They go to the local pet store where they are told these white lies over and over again: "Beardies are easy to raise... Easier than raising a dog... Just feed and forget..."

Not quite, because the truth is that raising bearded dragons is not that easy and comparing them to dogs or cats is just plain wrong. They're completely different in each and every way, no matter how you look at it.

What tends to happen is that the owners get carried away... They buy Beardies without having any real knowledge of how to raise one! They ask the pet shop guys, they read stuff on the net and they think everything's fine. They mean well, but sadly this is not enough -- because a recent research has identified 41 common mistakes that most owners make, which unknowingly hurt the beardies and even bring them to premature and painful deaths...

I love Beardies and hate seeing them hurt as much as you do, so let's put it out in the open --

Here's a thought...
If raising Beardies is so easy, why is it that
70% of bearded dragons purchased by new reptile owners
die within the first year?

Such a sad and messed up statistic... …but that DOESN'T need to be you!

To give your pet Beardies a full life without cutting it short, you must get educated on what they are and what they need -- it's that simple.

Here's a tiny example --

Bearded Dragons SUFFER in Your Home!

That is, unless you live in a non-airconditioned home in the desert - bearded dragons will find your room temperature much too cold!

Bearded dragons originally come from the harsh climate of the Australian Outback, where the days are scalding hot and the nights are freezing cold. But the funny thing is -- they like it that way and it's our climate that they suffer in.

This small example should give you an idea of what you just purchased (or are about to purchase) and why "Easier than raising a dog" is plain untrue.

Different than cats and dogs?
So what? How hard could raising one be?

Well, being a lousy owner is easy. All you need is to follow what the pet store guys and all the forums tell you -- but you'd be a lousy owner because you'd end up repeating at least one of the 41 common mistakes that cause 70% of bearded dragons purchased by new owners to painfully die within the first year!

The trouble is that while these guys seem knowledgeable, they're just amateurs. Pet store owners are experts in selling pets, not in raising Beardies, and forum residents are these friendly amateurs advising you to do as they do (read - "repeat my mistakes!")

Funnily enough, being a good owner is also easy once you have the required knowledge. Good owners are owners that help their Beardies assimilate; owners that ensure the Beardies are conditioned to not only survive, but thrive as well. They make them feel super comfortable - and in return enjoy owning them for years upon years.

So where can you get this knowledge to let your Beardies live a happy, healthy and painless life? How can you avoid repeating the common mistakes that most owners do and spread in forums as advice?

Until recently you'd have to work hard to get that knowledge -- buying and reading several books, combining what they taught you and then judging which of their contrasting advice to follow.

But now all the hard work is gone. I've now compiled all my experience and resources into an eBooks-and-Videos Guide that is both complete and easy to use. A guide that will teach you everything you need to know to keep your Beardie happy and healthy, and have fun doing so.


Bearded Dragons Insider
The Ultimate Guide on Raising and Breeding Bearded Dragons

Bearded Dragons Care Course

The guide is jam-packed with valuable knowledge GUARANTEED to transform your Beardie experience into the extremely enjoyable experience it should be.

So what will my guide teach you?


  • Learn to help your Beardies to assimilate
  • Learn what to feed your Beardies - from hatchlings to old
  • Learn to recognize and prevent diseases
  • Raise healthier and happier dragons
  • Give your Beardies a full and painless life


  • Learn to get huge discounts on terrariums and equipment
  • Lower expenses on pet-food
  • Pay less on new Beardies, or even get them for free
  • Or even start making money by breeding and selling Beardies.


  • Learn how to handle your Beardie and how to enjoy it
  • Learn how to mix Beardies together without risk of fighting
  • Understand Beardie behavior almost as if they're talking to you
  • Stop being a newbie - become The Guru in online forums



  • Easier to use and Teaches much more than any other guide!
  • More fun to use than any other guide!
  • GUARANTEED to be the best Beardie care product around!


The Easiest to Use and Most Complete Bearded Dragons Tutorial - Guaranteed!
With seven eye-opening Videos and two effective eBooks, all bases are covered! 
Here's what you get:


Bearded Dragons Care eBookeBook 1: Bearded Dragons Insider - The Unabashed Guide that Pet Shop Owners Hate (but your Beardie will love!)

With dozens of photos, this jam-packed info is definitely not a dull read. Some of the topics covered include bearded dragon care, substrates, heating, lighting, vivarium size, decoration, photoperiod, hiding, and much more. It answers all of your burning questions, such as:

  • What should I look for when buying a new bearded dragon?
  • What veggies can I feed my Beardie?
  • How can I prevent my bearded dragon from getting sick?
  • What other insects can I feed my Beardie?
  • What size should my bearded dragon container be?
  • How can I build my own bearded dragon cage?
  • How much time should my Beardie spend outside in the sun?
  • What lighting and heating do I need for my bearded dragon?

As you can see, these are very important questions every owner should figure out. From food and feeding, to supplementation, management and routine procedures. This eBook covers it all. In fact, this is exactly why I started this website. To make it easy for bearded dragon owners to get all the necessary info. I don't want you to struggle for answers like I had to. I want you to be fully prepared when purchasing your first Bearded dragon. Management and understanding how they function is key to properly raising a bearded dragon as a household pet.

eBook 2: 75 VITAL Questions and Answers that Bearded Dragon Owners Must Know

Inside this, we discuss important details such as buying a bearded dragon, price, transport, behavior, adaptation, and health sanitation to name a few.

If you had to collect all the info on this topic yourself, how much time would it take you? How much effort would you need to be put into research, and what mistakes will you make while searching?

Well, this entire guide is your one-stop solution. No longer will you need to do it yourself. This is an all-in-one downloadable Beardie-course with videos included. You should remember that this isn't just the result of years of looking for random pieces of information, but also years of personal experiences.

I will help you avoid making all the mistakes that I, like most beginners, have made. Mistakes that could be costly if your Beardie turned ill. So, in addition to that, I will also include a bunch of tutorials as listed below:

Videos: Seven Extra-Value Bearded Dragon Video Tutorials for Visual Learners

  1. Video #1: An Introduction to Bearded Dragons - Jump right in into the wonderful world of Bearded Dragons. See these majestic creatures roam their habitat, act and react, and learn why people love them so much.
  2. Video #2: Guy or Gal? Determining the Dragon's Gender - Learn how to easily tell male and female Beardies apart. Knowing the reptile's gender is super-important when you grow more than one or want to breed them - and no ebook can teach you to do this as well as a video can.
  3. Video #3: Terrariums and Beardie Accomodations - Learn how to set up a terrarium for your Beardies. See how to give them just the right amount of heat and shade, how to make their environment more interesting for them and prettier for you. Make it a place they'll love living in, without the need to escape!
  4. Video #4: Feeding Your Dragons - A visual feeding guide. How and what to feed, how they react - and more. While the ebooks provide a whole lot of information about this important subject, this video makes feeding so much easier. Besides learning what to feed them and what to avoid, you'll see exactly how to feed them worms, crickets, mice, veggies and other types of food. You'll learn how they eat, what's normal and what isn't. Did you know that even one ______ can kill your Beardie? You want to watch this!
  5. Video #5: Handling your Dragon - Bonding time! Watch and learn how to hold your Beardie so BOTH of you have a good time. See what makes handling a real treat for your Beardie and how to avoid unpleasant moves. Learn how to handle Beardies safely without putting them (and your fingers) in danger. You won;t believe the difference this makes.
  6. Video #6: A Guide to Beardie Shedding - You know Beardies shed - but what does it look like? See what's cool and what should disturb you. Enjoy watching Beardies shed, learn the importance of shedding and when shedding is actually a telltale symptom of a serious disease. 
  7. Video #7: Breeding Your Own Beardies - See how it's done and never have to pay for Beardies again. Learn how to mate male and female Beardies, how to handle eggs so they hatch, watch hatchlings hatch and learn how to handle them. Guaranteed to not only teach you, but also put a huge smile on your face!
And that's not all! Other videos (such as the upcoming Even More Tips for Feeding Live Prey) are in the pipeline, and once they're out all our existing customers (this means YOU) will get them free of charge!

bonusblocksTo make this a complete no-brainer, the First 50 Buyers Only will also get the following Bonuses:

Daily Feeding GuideEarlybird Bonus eBook #1: Feeding Dragons 101 - Your Daily Feeding Guide

Everything you need to know about feeding your Beardies:

  • General Feeding Tips, DOs and DON'Ts
  • Recommended Insects
  • Recommended Fruits and Vegetables
  • Things NOT to Feed Your Beardies
  • Dietary Requirements by age
  • And more!

beardeddragonhealthEarlybird Bonus eBook #2: The Healthy Dragon - Fighting and Beating Diseases

A Must-Have resource for keeping your Beardie Healthy and Happy:

  • General Health Tips, DOs and DON'Ts
  • How to Diagnose Diseases
  • Symptoms for Each Disease
  • How to Treat Diseases
  • And more!

Beardie Care RoutineEarlybird Bonus eBook #3: Daily, Weekly, Monthly Care Routine

An ultra-useful care sheet to simplify routine-care tasks. This resource lists the tasks you should do:

  • Every Day
  • Once a Week
  • Every Month
  • Once a Quarter (3 months)
  • Annually

beardeddragonclimbingoutEarlybird Bonus eBook #4: Prevent Your Beardie from Climbing Out

If you ever had your Beardie escape its Terrarium, you KNOW how important this eBook is. It'll teach you how to keep your Beardie safe from predators and avoid letting it escape:

  • How to Block Escape Attempts
  • How to Remove External Causes for missing Bearded Dragons
  • How to Lower Motivation for Leaving the Terrarium
  • And more!

findmissingbeardeddragonEarlybird Bonus eBook #5: How to Find Your Missing Dragon

This potential life saver provides a SYSTEMATIC way to find your missing Beardie.

While nobody can Guarantee results, the information provided can Significantly raise your chances of quickly finding your pet.

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Pet store owners and professional breeders do not want you to know about my guide and all of the secrets that it holds inside. Honestly, I don't blame them.

Why, you ask?

Because after watching the videos and reading what I have to say about caring for bearded dragons...

You will NEVER have to pay the full price for a bearded dragon

You will NEVER have to pay full price for their food, equipment, cages & enclosures, linings and substrates

You will NEVER have to worry about a short life-span with your new pet

As you can see, there are lots of benefits to using my videos and knowledgeable notes. But, don't just take my word for it. Check out what this customer had to say on YouTube about my step-by-step guide:

You see, by taking my in-depth training guide, you will discover a proven system for optimizing your bearded dragon's health. This proven system works regardless of your experience. No matter if you're a complete noob or a seasoned pro, the system will work for you. It's so thorough, that I even break down the essentials. For example:

  • How to set up the enclosure properly so that the bearded dragon is comfortable
  • How to maintain appropriate conditions in the enclosure
  • How to properly feed your Beardies so that they receive the much needed vitamins and nutrients for good health (extremely important)

Bearded Dragons InsiderMy videos included in this guide are extremely rare and cover all of this plus a lot more! When you watch them, you'll be pleasantly surprised with how simple I've made it -- all for you to fully succeed in raising one of your own...

Here's just a taste of what you'll discover:

  • What you should definitely do during the 1st week of having your bearded dragon
  • 5 unknown ways to increase your bearded dragons energy levels and vivid coloring...
  • Proven steps to setting up proper lighting and heat in your enclosure...
  • Why your Beardie is not using its litter box (and how you can quickly solve that problem)
  • 10 things you should never do when it comes to taking care of Beardies...
  • How to avoid causing undue stress to your bearded dragons...

And MUCH more!

You'll even discover in just a few short minutes how to feed your bearded dragon live prey without touching it. As I said before, this guide is only for owners that want healthy bearded dragons. It's for responsible people that actually care, and for those that want to avoid the dangers that come along with owning a new Beardie...

Order this guide now to receive everything we've covered so far and more. Again, you'll receive the complete Bearded Dragons Insider eBook and the handy eBook 75 VITAL Questions & Answers That Bearded Dragon Owners Must Know.

You'll also receive seven valuable videos that you won't find anywhere else in the world PLUS, if you're one of the first 50 to join - the five Earlybird bonus eBooks to really set you up for life.

Face it... you won't be able to find the same kind of collection or value anywhere else, even for ten times the price!

All the secret techniques that I share with you about bearded dragons are based on real life, personal experiences (as you'll see in my unique explanatory and visual videos). The insider kind that just accumulates over years -- both as a professional owner and breeder.

This is what I have literally been doing for as long as I can remember. So, I REALLY know what I’m talking about.

Trust me, if you are considering buying a bearded dragon for a pet, do you really know what you're getting? Have you done your due diligence? Do you know how to properly care for them, feed them, and know what illness signs to watch for?

If you're new or have recently bought one already, then you must look into this guide. It will save you a ton of money and could potentially extend your bearded dragon's life.

Every day I get to answer several different questions that stump many bearded dragon owners. Now you can get all of my first-hand answers together in this special packed guide.

Putting My Money Where My Mouth Is

I love Beardies and hate seeing them suffer, so it's super-important to me that you at least try the guide. Most newbies unknowingly make mistakes which cause their bearded dragons to suffer, and my guide provides unique, vital information which can stop the suffering and make your Beardie's life better.

But talking is cheap... to prove how important it is to me that you try the guide, I'll put my money where my mouth is. I'm offering you...

My Iron-Clad, No-Quibbles, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


That's right. You have a full month to test drive the entire guide - the manuals, the videos and all the bonuses. I’m taking ALL the risk on me and making this a completely Risk Free, No-Brainer choice. That's how confident I am in this product!

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Bearded Dragons Insider

Enter the world of raising and breeding bearded dragons. Learn all the secrets that thousands of pet store owners and breeders don't want you to know about. And lastly, let me be your advisor as I'm ready to reveal everything.

Right here, right now.

Bearded Dragons InsiderORDER YOURS TODAY!

Your fellow Bearded Dragons enthusiast
and trusted industry insider,

Ryan Cameron

P.S. I'll say it out in the open...
Considering there's zero risk involved, if you’re not even willing to spend a small fee on your bearded dragon and would rather take the chance of having your bearded dragon quietly suffer pain -- you really shouldn't own a Beardie. You know I'm right! With 110% Satisfaction Guaranteed and ZERO Risk involved there's no need for excuses - just CLICK HERE to immediately download your copy.